Jaime Bosch Mateu
Founder, General Manager and Legal Representative of Jaime Bosch B. e hijos CIA.LTDA. He devotes himself mainly to the administration and supervision of all the activities related to the orchards. An important role is the marketing of our products. His extensive experience in management has allowed him to attract new and good clients like the ones we have today.

Jordi Bosch Mateu
Production Manager, the oldest of the brothers and who is in charge mainly, of the production of dehydrated plums which involves the harvest, dehydration, weighing, “tiernizado” ( to make it more agreeable to the palate at the moment it is consumed) and packing of this product, coordinating the shipments until the products reach their final destination.

Ricardo Bosch Mateu
Commercial Manager, he is in charge of everything related to fresh fruit, i.e. Apples, Kiwis, Table Grapes, supervising from the harvest of the fruit until the fruit is sent to the port for export. Paying attention to each of the processes which are cold, packing, preservation of the fruit, shipment of containers and coordin ation of the shipments.

Each of us, separately , has a specific responsibility, as a team , we make the necessary decisions to obtain the best functioning operations for the company.





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