Our founder, Jaime Bosch Barrufel, arrived in Chile in 1953, coming from Spain, at the age of 27 and already experienced in  agricultural matters, continued working in this area near Santiago.

In 1957, he visualized the possibility of becoming independent, and he moved to the Maule Region, city of Talca.

Beginning with traditional cultivations, he gained the respect of all farmers in the area because of his dedication, which was reflected in the productivity he reached working on his lands.

In 1970, he got started in the fruit field, planting his first hectars of European D’AGEN plumbs for dehydration.
In 1975, and with the help of his sons, he built the first dehydrating plant, and two years later, the first boxes of plumbs started to be exported directly.

At the moment there is a planted surface of 150 hectars of plumbs, with a production of 1.000.000 kilos.
At the same time, grape plantations  were being started (Thompson Seedless) and also the construction of our first packing, to finally in 1980 start with the exports of  box packaged grapes, nowadays reaching 60.000 boxes, with packing, pre-cooling  and 3 cold storage rooms for  its optimal conservation.

In the same way, in 1985, the planting of Kiwi (Hayward) was started,  which nowadays reaches 60 hectars, with a forecasted production of 100.000 packaged boxes in our packing and preserved  in 3 controlled cold storage rooms, specially for kiwi.

In 1988, we started with the planting of Red Chief, Royal Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith apples, with production for 2000 of 100.000 packaged boxes, previously selected.

Between the years 2000 and 2002, new varieties of fourth generation apples were introduced, such as: Galaxy, Brokfield Gala, Pacific Gala and Fuji Raku Raku, which substantially improved our variety and quality.  Recently we have also introduced Pink Lady variety.

To this date we have a packing line that permits a production of 3.000 boxes a day.

We also count with 11 conventional cold storage rooms and 1 pre-cooling storage room for the adequate conservation and export of this product.

The actual production is of 150.000 packed boxes, and we expect in a few years to reach the 200.000 boxes.
Today, the total planted surface is of 350 hectars in full production, which are managed and commercialized by this family company, Huertos Montserrat.



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