We count with 9 varieties, which are Red Chief, Fuji, Royal Gala, Granny Smith (and the new varieties), Galaxy, Brookfield Gala, Pacfic Gala, Fuji Raku Raku and Pink Lady with a total surface  of 120 hectars, which give a production of 140.000 packed boxes and exported for the next season. These fourth generation varieties will increase our production in 60.000 more boxes for the next seasons. Our principal markets are Europe, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Taiwan.

Thompson Seedless grape

the geographic area where we are located is special for  grape production, which assures an excellent quality in our products. The harvest  extends between the 18th of February and March 15th, with a daily production of 3.500 boxes, which are previously cooled with a cold shock and then  kept in storages OºC. The total production is from 60.000 exported boxes. The principal MERCADOS are Europe, USA and Central America.

Kiwi Hayward

The harvest period is between the 25th of March and the 25th of April, producing 2000 boxes a day, which leads to a total production od 60.000 boxes. The fruit is previously cooled with a cold shock at OºC and kept in special storage rooms for kiwi, which ensures the good conservation and transportation of the fruit. Our principal markets are Europe, USA and Mexico.

D’agen Plumbs

With a level of production of 100.000 10kg boxes net, which are being dehydrated in 8 drying  tunnels with a drying capacity of 100.000 kg of fresh fruit a day. These drive out a final dehydrated product of 30.000 kg a day. The calibrating, tenderizing and packing process of the fruit is made in our own factory with last generation equipment. The principal markets are: Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France and Germany.


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